Monday, June 21, 2010

Drum roll please............

I know that I am several day late posting the winner of my first give away!  For that I am sorry.  It has been a REALLY busy week...

Ok, I will not keep you waiting any longer!  I spent last week with over 500 kids, from k - 5th grade.  I was wondering just how I would pick the winner.  So, I went to the kiddos!  I found a group of the Rookies, which is the youngest group...with me I took 8 different colored squares...on the back of each square I wrote the name of one of you that left a comment.  I then asked the kiddos to pick which color square they liked best!  The square with the most "votes" would be the winner of the Kate Carlson CD!  The yellow square won!  When I asked them why most of them liked the yellow square, they told me that it made them feel happy!

I know, I all want to know who's name was on the back of the yellow square!


The winner is Christine from one of my favorite blogs!

Congratulations Christine!  Email me you address and I will get you this amazing CD!  I know right now, she and her husband John are in the Ukraine adopting two more wonderful children!  Please keep them in your prayers!

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing.  And you can still get a copy of the CD, just go here and order yours!  It is a really great CD and the price is right as well!

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